5 Reasons Why Social Equity Is Important For Your Cannabis Business

Social equity is a term usually confused with social equality. The difference between equity and equality is that equity is concerned with getting everyone the things that they need while equality ensures that everyone gets the same resources. Social equity considers a person’s race, culture, gender, class, and other factors to ensure that the person gets the right amount of resources that are needed. Concerning the cannabis business, social equity pushes against the injustice committed in the cannabis industries by lawmakers and regulators. Cannabis has been used as a way to get to people of color and charge them for crimes that the whites will not be charged with. People who are of the legal age to use cannabis are being arrested and placed behind bars for taking cannabis. Social equity programs are designed to fight against these injustices. Thanks to social equity, 17% of executive positions in the cannabis industry were being held by people of minority as of 2017. These programs of beneficial to the cannabis business in many ways, here are five of them.
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