6 Delicious Ways To Pair Your 4/20 Bud With Toronto Takeout

Take your 4/20 celebration to the next level with gourmet food pairings that complement cannabis terpenes.
Cannabis connoisseurs know that the most tantalizing way to enjoy some bud is to pair it with food (a.k.a. munchies). And, the way that a bold red wine complements red meat is the same way a spicy sativa can harmonize perfectly with the creaminess of a good cheese. Cannabis can impart a layer of elevated experiences of the senses through its terpenes—oils that give cannabis strains each its own distinct flavour and aroma, such as sweet, woodsy, fruity or floral—that can match or contrast the flavours in your favourite foods.
To ring in the 50th anniversary of 4/20, we pair our favourite dried flower, pre-rolls and edibles from one-stop cannabis shop, Fire & Flower, with gourmet dishes from the city’s best restaurants. Why not make this 4/20 a little extra?
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Pass that dutch!
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