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A Guide to the Cannabis Supply Chain

A Guide to the Cannabis Supply Chain

The recent growth of the cannabis industry attracts hundreds of new business entrants a year, from brands and retailers to ancillary and technology companies. As one of the early technology companies to receive investment from a mainstream venture capital fund, we are frequently approached by investors looking to get into the cannabis space.

While technology companies in cannabis have been instrumental in the growth and maturation of the industry they are not the only opportunity for investors to consider. There are many types of businesses that make up and support the cannabis supply chain, the best of which are positioned for exponential growth as the industry continues to expand.

For people looking to invest in the industry, understanding the supply chain and how a product develops from ‘seed to sale’ (as we say in the industry) is a great place to start in vetting which companies are positioned for success. Below are some vertical profiles investors might consider as they explore this burgeoning space.

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