Can Cannabis Be Kosher?

If you look closely at a package of Wana Brands fast-acting cannabis gummies, you’re likely to notice that the product is certified as kosher. In fact, all of Wana’s products that are manufactured in Colorado have been certified by Whole Kosher Services, a company based in Houston.
It is commonly understood that kosher refers to food products that are permissible under Jewish law. Well-known provisions of the laws regulating what is kosher (referred to as kashruth in Hebrew) include prohibitions on pork and shellfish. Other rules prescribe conditions for the ritual slaughter of livestock and prohibit the comingling of meat and milk products.
But kosher certification goes beyond ensuring a product does not contain ingredients that are not allowed. Rabbi Yaakov Cohen, the kashruth administrator of Whole Kosher Services, explained in a telephone interview that the designation also means that the product has been produced in a clean facility under hygienic conditions.
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