Cannabis Industry Pink Slips Keep Rolling In

Cannabis Industry Pink Slips Keep Rolling In

Over the coming decade, cannabis is liable to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Although estimates on Wall Street vary wildly — which is to be expected in an industry that has no modern legal precedent — the legal pot industry could see sales rise between five and 18 times by 2030 over the $10.9 billion generated in 2018.

Marijuana is also forecast to be a significant job creator. As of early 2019, more than 211,000 jobs were now tied to the U.S. cannabis industry — the U.S. is the crown jewel of the global marijuana market — with 64,000 jobs added in 2018 alone.

As the North American weed market expands, the expectation is that job opportunities will continue to bud in the marijuana space. And remember, this isn’t just about growing. Opportunities exist for processors, delivery, and a host of ancillary needs, such as financing, real estate, and consulting specialists.

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