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If you find yourself having a hard time waking up in the morning, consider Chocolito. A true sativa in every sense of the word, this hybrid is an eye opening, stimulating strain that pairs well with a nice cup of coffee.

Need some motivation? Try Chocolito.

Grow info

Chocolito is, overall, a relatively easy strain to grow. It is, however, susceptible to molds and mildew, which means that it prefers good ventilation and a dry, very warm environment.

As can be seen in the abovementioned, if given the proper growing environment, Chocolito is a high yielding, easy to care for strain.

Growers can expect to see beautiful tall buds that are dense and bright green, with beautiful orange hairs all abundant trichomes. Users can expect gorgeous density and super sticky properties in each juicy bud.

Considered by some a dessert strain, Chocolito is a deliciously aromatic, invigorating, and uplifting experience. Many report hints of unusual sweetness on the inhale, and an overwhelming chocolate and coffee profile on the exhale.














7-9 weeks

10-12 weeks

12+ weeks


250 – 400 g/m²2

400 – 500 g/m²2

500+ g/m²2




Strain Test

At this moment there isn’t any specific test data available for this strain.


Staying true to its nature, this sativa dominant strain has a hard-hitting, wake-you-right-up effect. Users report a total shift in their mental and physical energies, with palpable feelings of peace and calm at the same time.

It should be noted that this is a very strong hybrid and should be used carefully. Some novice users have reported that they felt “too speedy”. Sativas sometimes can cause feelings of dizziness or hyper-euphoria, although these feelings never last for very long.

Other have noted feelings of dry mouth, but also said that drinking some water alleviated any negative effects.

Although a new face in the canna-world, Chocolito is quickly becoming a widely recognized beneficial medicinal and recreational strain that all users should, at some point, experience.

If you are looking for a natural way to boost your energies and focus your concentration, why not try this new and exciting hybrid that is sure to become the next big thing.

Because Chocolito is a heavy sativa strain, boasting a 90% sativa/10% indica ratio, this is a wonderful and strong mood enhancer and invigorator. Users who are suffering from chronic stress and anxiety, depression, extreme fatigue, or lack of focus have noted that Chocolito is the perfect choice.

This strain will help the user to find the focus, drive, and ability to hop off of the couch or out of the bed and get on with life.

In addition to all of these benefits, Chocolito has also been used successfully by those suffering from loss of appetite or lack of desire to eat. One of the common effects of this quick-step strain is the development of a case of “the munchies”, which is extremely beneficial to those who are undergoing treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy.

All in all, Chocolito is a wonderful form of medicine that can be used as both a tonic and a healer.


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