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Could COVID-19 Crisis Interrupt Canada’s CBD Supply?

Could COVID-19 Crisis Interrupt Canada’s CBD Supply?

CANNABIS CULTURE – With the use of CBD oil growing for a wide variety of conditions, many are wondering if they’ll be able to continue getting their product throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

This could set back the Canadian cannabis market which just recently began to overcome already existing shortages. Unfortunately, these shortages seem to still remain a problem, with most producers focusing on high-THC flowers and oil. So, with the coronavirus continuing to spread, should you stock up on CBD oil before shortages get worse?

How the Coronavirus Could Slow Production of CBD Oil

The primary way the coronavirus could slow the production of CBD oil is through disruptions in the supply chain required to produce CBD oil. One of the most obvious disruptions in the CBD oil supply chain is the hemp plants themselves. As of 2017, China was responsible for about one-third of the entire global hemp market. The coronavirus outbreak will cause disruptions in the domestic production of CBD oil that relies on hemp from China.

These same issues could present themselves with CBD oil itself as well. In 2016, China built the largest CBD extraction facility. Facilities like these help support the overall Canadian CBD oil market. In 2018, Canada imported nearly fifty kilograms of CBD products for medical or scientific purposes growing from thirty kilograms in 2017. This growth in importing CBD products only seems to be growing throughout 2019 and into 2020. However, with the restrictions and shutdowns caused by the coronavirus, these imports could experience severe disruptions that would cause further shortages of CBD oil throughout Canada.

Canada Post Delivering

Another issue facing Canadians looking to purchase CBD oil involves the Canada Post delivery service. The 2018 legalization of cannabis in Canada opened up the market to delivery services that dispensaries throughout the country quickly took advantage of. These types of sales are becoming more difficult with the coronavirus pandemic due to some Canada Post locations completely shutting down and all others reducing their hours. They’ve also implemented measures to protect their workers with deliveries. This slows down delivery times and could potentially get worse as cases grow forcing Canada Post to implement more extreme measures.

How Much Do You Rely on CBD Oil?

When deciding if you should stock up on CBD oil, you need to figure out how much you rely on CBD for your day to day life and overall health. With the many benefits of CBD oil, some people absolutely need it, such as children suffering from severe pediatric epilepsy which causes seizures. Treatment with CBD oil can reduce the frequency of these seizures by upwards of 75 percent. Other people need it to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy in their cancer treatments. It can help alleviate nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, and pain. For anyone who truly relies on CBD oil for their health, stocking up before the coronavirus causes any more shortages in supply would make sense.

Another primary way people use CBD is to alleviate their anxiety and the coronavirus has caused a lot of anxiety amongst people throughout the world. This means an increase in demand for the already low stock of CBD oil in Canada can be expected. It also means that anyone currently using CBD for their anxiety could experience difficulties finding available CBD as the pandemic grows. So, stocking up now before shortages get worse and more people look to CBD as a way to cope with their anxiety would be the safest way to ensure you have a supply throughout this pandemic.

However, if you do not rely on CBD oil for your health, excessively stocking up on it could leave those who do heavily rely on CBD oil without access. This can cause severe complications for people who rely on CBD, so if you do want to stock up, always be courteous to those who need it for medical purposes.

Getting Safe Access to CBD Oil

If you do decide you want to stock up on CBD oil, purchasing your product online provides for a safer option than going to the store when it comes to risks associated with the coronavirus. CBD Oil Canada has seen a major spike in CBD sales in recent weeks, many of which they say are new customers who have mentioned that they are trying to avoid going out. Purchasing online alleviates you from having to go out in public to a potentially crowded store where you could contract the virus.

The main way the 2019 coronavirus, or CoVID-19, spreads is through person to person contact. This can be from simply breathing the same air as someone who is infected or touching anything that was exposed to the virus through coughing or sneezing. So, anytime you go out in public to a store you risk coming into contact with an infected individual. It’s possible that the coronavirus can even spread before someone shows any symptoms.

When you order online, the Canada Post simply drops off your package of CBD oil at the door. Canada Post halted almost all required signatures, so you do not even need to sign for your delivery. They’ll drop it off at a safe location to your residence reducing your contact with other people and risks of contracting COVID-19.

Should I Order Sooner than Later?

With the high levels of uncertainty around the coronavirus, it’s still unclear how long this pandemic could last and additional disruptions it could cause. We really do not know how much worse this could get, so ordering your CBD oil now instead of later could save you from running out when shortages spread throughout the country.

It could also become more difficult to purchase CBD oil not only from a stock perspective, but also in terms of going to the store or purchasing online. If Canada Post continues to scale back its operations, delivery could no longer become an option for purchasing your CBD oil. Governments could also implement stricter quarantine measures making it impossible for you to drive to the store and purchase CBD oil. Between the rising restrictions on travel, scaling back of the services offered by Canada Post, and disruptions in the CBD oil supply chain, stocking up on CBD oil now is the only way to guarantee you’ll have a supply throughout the pandemic.

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