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Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Brand Launched CBD Infused Toothpicks

Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Brand Launched CBD Infused Toothpicks

Sometimes the CBD market feels like Wild Wild West. In 2019 there’s nothing not being infused with CBD. You can get everything from bath bombs, toothpaste, dog treats, and many other products. To be honest, we lost track a long time ago.

If you follow the cannabis market, you probably saw that the famous playboy Dan Bilzerian launched his own CBD brand last year. The brand is called Ignite.

Anyway, today we came across a special product. Infused toothpicks are nothing new, we already wrote about THC toothpicks some time ago.

CBD Infused Toothpicks

Let’s take a look at the product description:

Relax and Unwind, Just Chill.


After just a few chews on an Ignite Toothpick, your whole body will feel the powerful effects. Infused with PCR, an active cannabidiol, our toothpicks release CBD into the gums and sublingual cavity when chewed, allowing for immediate absorption into the bloodstream. As the cannabidiol enters the bloodstream, its effects can be felt throughout all areas of the body almost instantly.

All wood used in our toothpicks is North American Birchwood that’s harvested fresh quarterly, and processed for its light color, smooth surface, tight grain, and tensile strength. Trust us, it doesn’t get more natural than that.

Are These CBD Toothpicks Legit?

Oral consumption of CBD is the most common method of administering CBD . The method is quick and you should not have a problem getting the dose you need. The question is, how much of the CBD gets absorbed because it must go through the digestive system first. This is a lengthy process. We can only guess how much these toothpicks absorb but it’s gonna be far from 25mg per pick. Therefore, the claim that your whole body will feel the powerful effects after a few chews is bullshit. There are certainly better ways to invest the 30$ they want for the 250mg.

Anyway, I think it’s time for a test, we will keep you posted!

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