Disagree With Government’s Corporate Cannabis Takeover? Demand Change Here.

Disagree With Government’s Corporate Cannabis Takeover? Demand Change Here.

CANNABIS CULTURE – One year into “legalization” and the tragic gaps in the Liberal plan become more evident everyday. As the Patron Saint of Stoners Tommy Chong said on a recent Canadian tour, “Sure it’s legal, but you can’t smoke it anywhere.” And of course, if you want to buy “legal” cannabis you have to submit yourself to purchasing from government sources, at high prices, limited availability and often low quality.

What we must remember, legal cannabis was not a gift from government. Legal cannabis was earned and the list of martyrs to our cause grows with every raid, arrest and civil forfeiture.  For most, the promise of amnesty remains beyond reach. Peaceful and ethical cannabis providers as well as their patients continue to be vilified in this all-for-profit shareholder controlled government cash grab.

BUT there is hope, we’ve successfully demanded change before and we must continue. Our lawyers have a major medical cannabis legal case underway and they desperately need information from medical patients who need access to cannabis. Fill out the following questionnaire and send it in to: [email protected].







Introduction and Purpose


A “Medically Approved Patient” is entitled to “Reasonable Access” to their approved cannabis medicine under section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Currently under Part 14 of the federal Cannabis Act Regulations, entitled “Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes”, medically approved patients can grow their own cannabis (PPL) or have somebody designated to produce it for them (DGL) if authorized by a Health Canada license. Alternatively, a doctor can provide an authorization to purchase cannabis products on the internet from a federal Licensed Producer (LP), who are only allowed to send cannabis products to patients in the mail.

While the Provinces and Territories now have authority to provide for stores selling recreational cannabis, the sale of medical cannabis products at stores, dispensaries and compassion clubs remains illegal.  

This purpose of this questionnaire is to determine why many medically approved patients choose to access their medicine via a medical dispensary or compassion club as opposed to growing for themselves, having somebody grow for them or accessing it via the mail from a Licenced Producer. If you purchase your medical cannabis from a dispensary or compassion club, and have a reason other than convenience for doing so, it would be greatly appreciated if you would take the time to answer the following questionnaire.  

Patients who agree to answer this questionnaire agree that lawyers John Conroy QC or Matthew Jackson or Jack Lloyd or someone delegated by them can review the answers provided. They or their delegate may contact participants to discuss their possible involvement in a future lawsuit against the federal government for the purpose of legalizing the sale of medical cannabis from stores such as dispensaries and compassion clubs as part of a patient’s entitlement to ‘reasonable access’.

Any information provided in this questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential initially but if chosen as an affiant (person who swears an affidavit) we will be seeking consent to turn the information into a formal affidavit to be filed in Court in support of the action.


1. What medical conditions do you use cannabis products to treat?

2. How do you use cannabis (modes of ingestion, amount, strains etc.)?

3. Why do you purchase your cannabis medicine from a dispensary or compassion club rather than grow your own cannabis and/or making your own cannabis products, or having a designated grower do it for you?

4. Why do you purchase medical cannabis products from a dispensary or compassion club rather than from a Licenced Producer?

5. Why do you purchase medical cannabis products from a dispensary or compassion club rather than from a recreational cannabis store?

6. Have you experienced any problems with getting your cannabis medicine from Licenced Producer in the mail?  If so, please explain.

7. Is speaking with dispensary or compassion club staff about cannabis medicine important to you?  If so, please explain why.

8. Is being able to see the cannabis product before purchasing it important to you? If so, please explain why.

9. Are there any other reasons not already mentioned that you purchase your cannabis medicine from a dispensary or compassion club?

10. If the storefront dispensary or Compassion Club did not exist, what would be the consequences to you?


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