Elon Musk Is Sending Weed To Astronauts On The ISS in 2020

Elon Musk Is Sending Weed To Astronauts On The ISS in 2020

Is there anything this guy isn’t doing?

Elon Musk is always making new headlines. First, he sits smokes weed on the Joe Rogan podcast – after the incident, the stock of Tesla fell by a whopping 8% – now he wants to send cannabis into space.

Seriously, this is not a joke. Musk’s Company Space X will be sending weed among a couple of other goods to the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS).

The delivery is scheduled to make its next trip in March 2020.

You may ask why Space X is doing that?

Elon’s company is collaborating with an agri-tech company called Front Range Biosciences. Together they will send over plant cultures of legal hemp with low amounts of THC to space. Once there, the hemp is intended to remain in an ISS incubator for one month. During the 30 days, scientists from the University of Colorado, Boulder will monitor the plants remotely.

After the 30 days, the cultures will be sent back to the earth. Front Range Biosciences will then try to figure out what effect, if any, space radiation and microgravity will have on the hemp plant.

Space X will not only be sending cannabis to space. Next to the hemp plant, they will deliver more than 480 plant cultures, including coffee plants.

This will be the first time that someone will be sending weed to space and we will certainly keep you up to date. Oh and by the way, we are giving away 4 Puri5 Vaporizers this week, make sure not to miss this – you can join the giveaway here.

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