Fine Cut Your Weed with Diamonds

SMOKEDELUXE – SmokeDeluxe, Designer Grinders for Luxury Lifestyles
Get high with style.
That’s the mission of the design wizards behind SmokeDeluxe®.
“Nowadays social media is full of videos that showcase high-end lifestyles with cheap, inferior grinders,” says Dylan, Founder of SmokeDeluxe®. “That gave me the idea to give cannabis the precious instrument it truly deserves,”
Dylan is just the guy to do it too.
He’s a graduate of the most prestigious watchmaking schools in France — Lycée Edgar Faure –, and honed his craft  over 7 years at Cartier in Switzerland as a responsible machine technician.
“I’m quite familiar with the highest quality standards and especially what it takes to reach these. I worked with the most high-tech machines, but sometimes, the finest only comes from traditional handmade work”.But what is a luxury grinder?
According to Dylan, the design quality must prove to be equal to the precious material it features. “Cannabis isn’t meant to be roughly shredded like paper. This particular part is just as important as the rolling process”.
To turn this dream into reality, Dylan enlisted his good friend Paul.
Paul worked at Chanel in Switzerland and graduated from the prestigious  l’EcoleNationaleSupérieure de Mécanique et des Microtechniques de Besançon, Paul has been designing high-end products for years.
“Paul isn’t just a friend, he is genuinely the best designer I know”. The duo sat for years to come up with their best concept.  A flawless working base for all the next upcoming SmokeDeluxe® products.

Designed in complete intimacy, this particular piece features diamonds set in golden teeth. Precious stones and high-quality workmanship, a combo to get your cannabis finely cut, intensifying the smoking experience.

The Gem Set-Grinder is decorated with a total of over 1400 hand-polished and satin-finished, hand-fitted stones. The meticulous craftsmanship gives the Gem Set-Grinder the perfect, luxurious look.
“This is not just a technical demonstration; this is what we believe in. Not only is the MASTERPIECE SmokeDeluxe® our flagship, for us, it is a dream coming true.”
A luxury case, sure, but also so much more.
SmokeDeluxe® is making a point of providing cannabis enthusiasts what it takes to get a unique rolling, and therefore a unique smoking experience.
SmokeDeluxe® is currently putting forward its two best products, the FIRST EDITION (starts at 20.000 CHF / $22,200 CAD) as well as the MASTERPIECE grinders (up to 7 figures).“We believe that when cannabis is a passion, rolling becomes an art.”“This is just the beginning. Yes, we are offering to the most demanding cannabis enthusiasts the best of what Swiss Made has to offer. But we also want to help people to get the grinder they’ve always dreamt of”.
SmokeDeluxe® is currently offering consultations – at no cost-so you canbuild the grinder of your dreams.
Book your free consultation here.

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