Fit in My 40s: The Cannabis-Aided Workout

Fit in My 40s: The Cannabis-Aided Workout

A CBD patch helps you relax. It’s still painful but I can’t stop laughing.

hen my father died, he left a stack of oral morphine by his bed, and my brothers, sisters and I all took it to see if we would get high. We didn’t. “Maybe it only works if you’re actually in pain,” I said. My sister replied: “I am in pain! My dad just died.” And we all laughed for a really long time, so maybe we were a little high.

I thought of this in the Cannabliss class, at Gymbox in London (it’s very new: your local leisure centre is unlikely to be experimenting yet). CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, found in cannabis, which has many of the plant’s beneficial qualities. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), AKA the fun one, it doesn’t get you high. It’s beneficial for all kinds of complaints that I don’t have (epilepsy, Alzheimer’s). It can also be used for fitness purposes; it has anti-inflammatory qualities, and can allay muscle pain. You can get it in many forms: jelly sweets, topical rubs, tinctures, oils. There is even an aphrodisiac oil, but they didn’t send me that, maybe because I’m in my 40s.

– Read the entire article at The Guardian.

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