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Five Unique Cannabis Products You Never Knew You Needed

Five Unique Cannabis Products You Never Knew You Needed

Ganja gadgets.

Purple Rose Supply’s CannaMold Sets ($44-$49)
Perhaps the most egregious cannabinoid delivery system to hit the market in recent years is the cannabis cigar, or “cannagar.” While the idea is tempting—puff on a pot-stuffed stogie for hours, like a stoned cartoon billionaire!—the price often dashes any hopes a common cannabis user has of trying one. California’s Purple Rose Supply is trying to change that. With its do-it-yourself “CannaMold” kit, the company wants to help the less fortunate smoke like royalty by allowing you to pack your own cannagar. Inspired by the classic Thai stick, the G2 CannaMold set includes the mold, several bamboo skewers, a wooden mouthpiece and a tamping tool for $44 (a larger version is available for $49). Per the instructions, the cannabis needs at least a few hours in the mold to take on the classic cigar shape, with a few days being preferable. Make 3 grams last 45 minutes, with no refills? Even for lazy stoners, those numbers are hard to argue with.

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