Gourmet Weed Recipes to Try During Quarantine

Gourmet Weed Recipes to Try During Quarantine

Use your time indoors to cook some new recipes that can be fun as well.

The global coronavirus pandemic has introduced added stress and anxiety to most people’s already hectic lives. Vacation plans have been canceled, schools are out, and millions of people have been laid off, but many countries around the world are taking proactive steps to fight the spread of the respiratory virus by issuing a quarantine. It may be difficult for most people to stay home (especially if you’re living in a tiny studio apartment with one window), but it is the only way to reduce community spread, assist our healthcare workers, and ultimately save lives. Cooking is one activity that can help you to relax during this time, especially when you feel trapped at home. Here are some tasty cannabis infused meals you can make yourself.

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