Lemonaid strain

Lemonaid strain

Lemonaid or also called Lemon Tree is a even hybrid that came to existence by crossing a Lemon Skunk with the amazing Sour Diesel. This strain is becoming very popular amongst cannabis lovers alike.
It originates from the Santa Cruz area California and is winner of the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup. This strain is slowly winning harts around around the globe with it’s amazing lemon and citrus flavors. A lot is unknown about this strain, like who originally made this crossing. Nonetheless it reached almost legendary status.

Grow info on this strain is somewhat scarce. It believed to be difficult to grow with everage tall plants that have a little stretch. Having a average yield from around 250-400 g/m2. People that had the opportunity to grow this strain say it grows best with a sea of green method of growing. Plant produces nice bright grey/green small sized buds.

A amazing in lemon and citrus drenched scent and flavor that gives the feeling your drinking lemonade. The terpenes of this strain create a film in your mouth that last for a long time and keeps the taste lingering on. The strain is very sweet as well making it perfect in combination with a fanta or a orangina.

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