Local Chef Takes Cannabis-infused Cuisine To A Higher Level

In this Let’s Eat, we see how CannaCook ​is offering instructional classes and private chef experience where cannabis is a key ingredient.
Cannabis-infused food can be infinitely more than brownies and “grassy cannabutter” – it can be gourmet meals that satisfy far more than a desire to get stoned. That’s where Ian McClatchey enters the picture.
The Scottish-born chef is the mastermind behind CannaCook, a new cannabis cuisine tutoring and private meal preparation service in Guelph.
“The cannabis meal doesn’t have to be brownies. It doesn’t have to be something that knocks you out either. It’s something that you can eat three courses, take some time, enjoy it, enjoy the atmosphere with your friends,” he said. “There’s a lot more to an elevated dining experience.”
– Read the entire article at Guelph Today.

Pass that dutch!
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