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Make Your Own Blueberry Hemp Heart Cookies

Make Your Own Blueberry Hemp Heart Cookies

Nutritionist shares this healthy cookie recipe to help tackle out-of-control snacking during pandemic.

Maybe it’s because you’re making snacks all day for your kids, or because your home office is now three metres from your kitchen — whatever the reason, if you’re having trouble keeping the urge to snack under wraps, you’re not alone.

With this in mind, registered holistic nutritionist Brittany Gordon has come up with a live webinar to help you get a handle on your quarantine nutrition, lower stress and find your groove in this new normal.

“This is stressful … and one thing I’m noticing with my clients is that they’re really starting to get anxious about the food choices that they’re making,” Gordon told Alan Neal on All In A Day last week.

– Read the entire article at CBC News.

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