Netherland’s BioTech Firm Perfect Plants Set Roots in Canada

PERFECT PLANTS – Perfect Plants, the only global producer of cannabis tissue culture in the world, is ready to plant itself on Canadian soil.
Based out of the Netherlands, the biotech company’s decision to expand outside of Europe arose with the vision of becoming the world’s largest provider of reliable genetics for food and pharma plants, including cannabis, and therefore acts as a key component to achieving commercial success in the industry. 
With over 40 years under their belt in biogenetics, which includes perfected breeding protocols, Perfect Plants develops the cleanest starting materials, free from unwanted bacterias and pesky viruses, for over 15 million plants a year. By eliminating the risks and variables of commercial cultivation, safely storing and maintaining genetics through tissue culture and young plant propagation, will help producers scale and thrive. 
But not without staying sustainable.
Perfect Plants is no longer a consumer of energy, but a producer that allows them to create fertilizer and O2 for their crops. They do this by generating and storing their own energy through generators that process waste CO2, and it doesn’t stop there. Perfect Plants works in partnership with 22 other greenhouse companies using the CO2 waste of the Rotterdam Industrial Complex and heat it with geothermal energy from the biggest geothermal well in Europe. Perfect Plants is demonstrating a smarter, more sustainable approach to cannabis production on the world stage and will continue to look towards the future with expansion into cannabis and other markets.

Pass that dutch!
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