Once Upon a Time in Hollyweed: 42 Celebs Who Toke

Once Upon a Time in Hollyweed: 42 Celebs Who Toke

CANNABIS CULTURE – We all know about famous advocates like Willie Nelson, Bob Marley, and Tommy Chong, but marijuana has had the secret support of many other celebrities, artists, comedians, writers, politicians, and billionaires over the years. In this list by BottleStore.com, 42 of the most successful and famous household names have been revealed, along with the reason for their usage and their thoughts on the topic.

By BottleStore.com

Medical marijuana has been helping people suffering from chronic pains and illnesses all over the country, and it’s no different for celebrities. Morgan Freeman, for example, uses it to help with fibromyalgia, a woefully under-studied chronic illness affecting nerves and amplifying musculoskeletal pain. Comedian Pete Davidson uses it to help with the pain of his Crohn’s disease, and Whoopi Goldberg has been using it to treat cramps, even creating her own business to that end. Actress Melissa Etheridge may have not survived if not for her use of weed to cope with chemo side effects.

Still, many others simply have used weed as a means for creative inspiration: Paul McCartney, Apple’s Steve Jobs, and modern horror-comedy writer Jordan Peele are just a few examples.

Meanwhile, more and more powerful people have shown their support for the cause. For example, the second-most wealthy person in the world, Bill Gates, recently encouraged Microsoft to invest in the up-and-coming cannabis industry.

With so many important people openly supporting marijuana, the path towards activism is becoming easier every day. Read more quotes, and about how weed has been used throughout history here.

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