This Indica dominant strain is highly regarded and perfect for when you need a slight attitude shift and a deep restful sleep.  The THC is quite high, generally ranging around 15 %.  Short and bushy, this is a highly resinous strain and so perfect for hashish makers.  In fact the taste of this flower will remind you of very good quality hashish. You will even delight in seeing the highly resinous buds.

This is considered a medicinal strain because the cannabinoid levels are so evenly balanced thus minimizing the psychoactive effect. Generally a good strain to be enjoyed in the evening.

This strain grow relatively short and bushy. Flowers off between 9 and 10 weeks indoor while outdoor grown it will be ready end september. It is a good producer that yield 450g a square meter in ideal conditions. This strain is easy to grow and doesn’t need to much attention.

This lovely strain got a great typical kush traits with lavender undertones.
Pine, cherry and lemon favors will overwhelm you.

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