Raw Hemp Pesto Recipe from the The Art of Cooking with Cannabis

It seems like a new state legalizes marijuana every week, with New York being the latest to hop on the bandwagon. This is good news from everyone from casual pot smokers to legacy market operators to small farmers and…chefs. When her home state of Vermont started the process of legalization in 2018, cookbook author Tracey Medeiros’s ears perked up. “I found myself continually reading about the plant’s potential for medicinal benefits,” she says. “This piqued my interest, motivating me to reach out to folks all across our country who use cannabis as a culinary ingredient. I was amazed to see and hear how this plant was transforming the culinary and cannabis landscape.”
Medeiros has written several other recipe books, including The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook, and The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook, and, most recently, The Art of Cooking with Cannabis, whose release serendipitously coincided with New York’s legalization. “I felt this was something that needed to be written because this is how the food industry is evolving,” she says “ Now, those who cook and create nourishing recipes can feel comfortable stepping out of the shadows and into the sunlight to share their passion for the use of this plant.”
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