Tea Time with Meo Marley

MEO MARLEY – I tried all three of Meo Marleys Herbals Blends; The OG, Potpourri, and The Zen Blends. According to the manufacturer, each blend is unique and offers individual therapeutic benefits. So, I decided to put these claims to the test.
While I smoked Meo Marleys Herbal Blends mixed into my joint, The flavors were very aromatic and soft –  reminding me of good quality teas. The obvious difference, Meo Marley’s is meant to be smoked rather than drank. Still, the effect gave me all the relaxing properties I find in a soothing cup of tea.  I spun my joint with a weed to me Marley blend at an 80:20 ratio. For me, that was the perfect amount, to cut down on my weed intake, while still enjoying the high.
A stronger blend is safe, but I found was the taste too overpowering. 
I very much enjoyed the Zen Blend, with its lavender flavors and aromas. It helped me get into a relaxed and peaceful state and ease my way into sleep. 
This blend goes perfectly with your post-yoga/ meditation doobie. The OG Blend, I found a little overpowering. I prefer Sativa strains with natural citric flavors, so the combination of the two was a little too much for me. However, this blend would go perfectly with your morning coffee.
All of the ingredients found in Meo Marleys Herbal Blends are natural and organic and can assist in many health issues. 
These blends certainly ease the harshness some strains can cause on the throat and make it smoother to smoke. These mixes are perfect for anyone trying to minimize their weed intake or just make their stash last longer, Or anyone looking to bougie up their weed with some cool tastes and aromas. 

Pass that dutch!
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