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THCP: New Cannabinoid To Be 30 Times Stronger Than THC

THCP: New Cannabinoid To Be 30 Times Stronger Than THC

There‘s a reason why we call cannabis a miracle plant. Besides the two best-known cannabinoids THC and CBD there are over 100 other chemical compounds in the cannabis plant.

In an attempt to define the phytocannabinoid profile that characterizes a cannabis strain, researchers from Italy have discovered a new phytocannabinoid that has the same structure as THC but with a sevenfold alkyl side chain, namely delta-9-tetrahydrocannabiphorol – also known as THCP.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Their production is triggered by a natural process called decarboxylation. It is this process that triggers the synthesis of certain cannabinoid acids.

The names of these acids should give you an indication of the particular cannabinoids that are released by them. THCA and CBDA make up the largest part, followed by CBGA and CBCA. CBGA is especially important because it is the basis for the synthesis of the other three acids.

In contrast to the cannabinoids they produce, the acids themselves do not have psychoactive properties. However, research has shown that they may have antibiotic properties as they are part of the immune system of the cannabis plant.

The Discovery Of The Cannabinoid THCP

The researchers isolated and characterized the natural compound THCP as part of their investigation. The researchers also isolated the corresponding cannabidiol (CBD) homologue with the sevenfold side alkyl chain (CBDP). They further found that the binding activity of THCP against the human CB1 receptor in vitro was similar to that of the synthetic cannabinoid CP55940, a potent complete CB1 agonist.

In various laboratory tests, the researchers were able to show that THCP probably has a similar mode of action to THC. Thus, the researchers concluded that the new cannabinoid could be partly responsible for the pharmacological properties of some cannabis varieties. THCP appears to have an even higher binding affinity for the CB1 receptor and greater cannabimimetic activity than THC itself.

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