The Beginner’s Guide to CBD

The Beginner’s Guide to CBD

Nearly everyone could use a better night’s sleep, and the members of my household are no exception. So when my roommate recently tried to order CBD gummies off Amazon—and got “hemp oil” gummies instead—we were disappointed to find out that the biggest relaxing component transparently listed in the ingredients was melatonin, a common ingredient that purported CBD manufacturers tend to mix into their finished product.

Of course, you’re not supposed to be able to buy CBD products on Amazon. The website forbids the sale of the product as one of its policies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy CBD, or at least products that are definitely subtly marketing themselves as containing that cannabinoid, as The Washington Post discovered last year. The newspaper bought 13 products from Amazon that should have been CBD-free, but the majority contained at least some amount of the substance. One even contained a very small amount of THC. Outside of independent lab testing, there’s few ways to ensure quality control on the myriad hemp-based products available online.

– Read the entire article at Yahoo News.

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