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The Best Cannabis Cookbooks for Budding Chefs

The Best Cannabis Cookbooks for Budding Chefs

It’s time to learn how to cook munchies that will give you the munchies. (Insert Bill and Ted laugh here.) Learning the art of cooking with marijuana involves more than making pot brownies — it’s a precious skill. Like any other ingredient, cannabis can elevate the taste profile of many dishes, salty or sweet, when prepared correctly. It can take your flavors higher, is what we’re saying.

Oh, and please be mindful that marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, and has been decriminalized in some states but not others.

With that warning out of the way, put away your pipe or rolling papers and light up the stove because it’s time to get baked using the best cannabis cooking books.

– Read the entire article at The Manual.

Pass that dutch!
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