The New Rules of Cannabis: How to Pass the Joint and More

The New Rules of Cannabis: How to Pass the Joint and More

In 1922, Emily Post published Etiquette, a guide to the mores and manners of a rapidly changing world. As the old social structures crumbled and class took on an unprecedented fluidity, Americans wanted someone to tell them how to behave – and Post became what’s now known as a brand.

This year, her great-great granddaughter Lizzie Post has published a new book of mores and manners her forebear probably never imagined. Higher Etiquette aims to help readers politely navigate a world where pot vapor is in the air, on the dinner table and, more openly than ever before, part of an evening’s recreation.

Cannabis etiquette, for as long as anyone can remember, has been surrounded in a fog of unwritten codes and rules defined largely by the drug’s illegality and widespread stigmatization. Merely suggesting a shared spliff to someone who wasn’t interested could be a fraught moment, liable to earn a sneer or contemptuous remark. Deliverymen, who had to be assiduously courted, could feel slighted if they weren’t invited in to share the product they just sold. When these encounters went well – which is to say with everyone blissfully baked – they could be the foundation of strong personal bonds.

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