These Destination-Inspired Vapes Are Designed For Travelers

These Destination-Inspired Vapes Are Designed For Travelers

At first glance, you can tell that Roam’s vape pens are a little different. The female-minded cannabis company recently launched Roam Vape Escapes, a line of four vape pens that focus on the experience you’re likely to have with them rather than strains.

Each of the four pens includes a blend of THC, CBD, and botanical terpenes that are meant to transform your mood and send you on a tiny escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“Like a lot of “canna-curious” women, I didn’t start exploring cannabis until later in life. Most experiences left me in the hands of someone else’s weed, and dispensaries were not somewhere I felt like I wanted to or could go. When I did finally decided to step foot into one, I was shocked at the “bro-dom” of it. There was nothing there that appealed to me as a woman–anything that I bought, I wanted to hide. Plus, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information and products, which left me feeling uneducated and out of place,” says Roam founder Hema Patel.

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