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Uplifting Matcha Limeade with CBD Infused Honey

Uplifting Matcha Limeade with CBD Infused Honey

I adore this limeade so matcha! This quick and refreshing matcha beverage is lightly sweetened with CBD infused honey — perfect for your midday slump.

Matcha is green tea leaves in powdered form which means a more potent source of nutrients and antioxidants. Unlike a cup of coffee, the caffeine from matcha helps you sustain your energy for much longer and without the crash. It’s also a gentler, uplifting effect versus the jitters.

I’ll often substitute regular honey in my recipes with CBD-infused honey to enhance tranquility of the body and mind. It’s a personal preference and the recipe works great with regular honey as well.

– Read the entire article at KQED News.

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