Yes, we ship worldwide. But we advise you to get acquainted with your country drug laws, we take no responsibility and assume no liability. Due to the harsh drug laws we strongly advise clients not to place orders from the following countries: Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Iran, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, North Korea, Philippines, Turkey, Costa Rica, Columbia.
Yes, we Ship to Morocco.
Yes. We discreetly ship all our orders in odor proof double vacuum sealed packaging inside Padded Envelope with no indication of what is inside to be more discrete as possible.
Our products are processed within two business days and then send by:

Discreet Shipping – With Tracking (you will be able to see the whereabouts of your package) more expensive because is handled by a third party.
Discreet Shipping – No Tracking (you wont be able to track the whereabouts of your package, just need to trust that was sent), much cheaper because we use prepaid mail.
Free Shipping – No Tracking (on all orders above €100).
Free Shipping – With Tracking (on all orders above €400).

We only issue refunds or exchanges if you use Discreet Shipping with Tracking and only if a package is reported lost or stolen before delivery.
We do not offer refunds or exchanges if:
– after delivery
– wrong address given by the customer
– reported stolen after delivery
– seized packages by customs or authorities
– we also reserve the right to analyze case-by-case before issue a refund or exchange.
– packages sent without tracking number.

If you believe that your package was lost or stolen before delivery please send an email with your Order Number and Tracking Number to:

*Please note that we only issue refunds in the form of store credit, and any exchange will be sent free of charge with Discreet Shipping with Tracking.

Yes, we offer two options:
– 2 Levels Affiliate Program with 5% commissions for the first level and 2.5% for the second level, visit Affiliate Area for more information. (Only one account per user is allowed).
If by legit, you mean if we send the products if you buy them, the answer is yes.
But if you mean if the products are legal or if is legal to send or receive them at home, then is no, is forbidden to buy, sell and ship this kind of products online, doesn’t matter where you are.
We just do it very discreetly and stealth as possible.
Very unlikely, at any given day there are thousands of packages getting delivered, ours is just one more, there is no reason to suspect otherwise, it would have to be a random inspection to the package.
The way our products are package make them odor prof and with our new bags they even become x-ray proof.
Dr Weed Assumes no responsibility for lost orders due to:
– mistakes made by the postal offices
– wrong address given by the customer
– damage or loss of packages by postal service
– stolen packages after delivery
– seized packages by customs or authorities
(We only guaranty that it was processed and shipped).
Typically packages will arrive at:
– European Countries within 4-8 business days
– South and North America within 6-20 days
– Asia and Oceania within 8-20 days
– Rest of the World within 10-30 days

Please keep in mind that we have no control over packages once they leave our possession and are in the custody of our Carrier. Please be patient as we cannot affect the time that shipping takes and be confident that your package will arrive as swiftly as possible.

To buy Bitcoin the following WEBSITE let you know some options where you can buy Bitcoin with credit card, PayPal or wire transfer. (we also advise you to buy 5 or 10 EUR more then what you are planing to use because there are always some fluctuations in the Bitcoin price, and you might have to pay some transfers fees).

3 Grams = 0.11 Ounces

5 Grams = 0.18 Ounces

10 Grams = 0.35 Ounces

15 Grams = 0.53 Ounces

20 Grams = 0.71 Ounces

25 Grams = 0.88 Ounces

Pass that dutch!