Grinded Mix 10 Grams

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Sativa Unknown / Indica Unknown50%
THC Medium65%

€6 - G

To make this products, usually we separate all the small buds and we grind everything into a mix (currently we are using all buds from our crops and all the weed from supliers), can be use for edibles or smoke.

We discreetly ship all our orders in odor proof double vacuum sealed packaging inside a Mail Padded Envelope

Pass that dutch!

20 reviews for Grinded Mix 10 Grams

  1. Annonymus (Verified Customer)

    Best service! I was so happy when I received the letter, I waited for it the whole week. Thanks to the team, very profi!

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  2. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

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  3. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Nice taste, nice price, perfect service as always!

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  4. Adrien B. (Verified Customer)

    J y croyait pas trop…mais non nickel👌content de mon achat, ça ma bien dépanné a un prix raisonnable.

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  5. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Seconde commande passée, et tout est super, la rapidité d’envoi, la qualité, la confiance… merci !!!

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  6. Charmaine (Verified Customer)

    It took over 2 weeks delivery to Ireland but this included a bank holiday and delays with postal service. Very happy with the outcome, will order from here again, thank you 😀

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  7. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Sa a mis 15 j un peu long m arriver , se mélange de beuh est très bon et fort

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  8. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

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  9. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    The best for me. Plus: no woods.

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  10. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

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  11. Nuno S. (Verified Customer)

    Very Tasty, I recommend

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  12. Elson Simoes (Verified Customer)

    Great service and package, Good smeel. The big extra for grinded mix: you smoke all, “no woods”.

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  13. Nuno Santos (Verified Customer)

    very good 🙂

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  14. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Très bon rapport qualité prix, à recommander sans condition

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  15. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Good stuff ans Quick delivery 6 days . I leave on France . Good work . Hope you keep doing this good thing.

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  16. hsfranco (Verified Customer)

    Good service, respect!!

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  17. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Great service,secure package 📦 has arrived within days. And in the package the quality and the quantity spot on 😎

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  18. Filip D. (Verified Customer)

    Toooop its very best felling

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  19. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

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  20. François (Verified Customer)

    Received a letter with unknown sender address in France 6 days after payment. The content is in a sous-vide scotched plastic bag that smells plastic. When opened, big smell. There are many flower cuts. Tested a light joint, that’s nice stuff. I will buy again next time.

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