Super Pollen – Zombie Kush – 10 Grammi

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THC alto90%

14€ al grammo

Dimensioni approssimative per cubo 1 cm X 2 cm X 6 cm - La dimensione finale può variare

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14 reviews for Super Pollen – Zombie Kush – 10 Grammi

  1. Dean (Verified Customer)

    Very nice. More crumbly than some of the others, but I actually prefer that..for me alot of these products are a nice mild high. I’m still able to function. Maintain concentration when watching tv shows and play video games effectively. This stuff tastes great and definitely relaxes me a great deal. I’ve tried alot of super strong weed lately. (Whilst can be fun. But Also spikes my anxiety.) So honestly I’d take this hash over it any day. Seems very clean and It just agrees with me.

    Also it lasts Me a few weeks. And I smoke every night usually.

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  2. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

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  3. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

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  4. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

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  5. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Good taste

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  6. Mehmet Akif Başpınar (Verified Customer)


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  7. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

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  8. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Nice gear

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  9. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Very nice smoke and fast delivery

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  10. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

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  11. Rémy MOCANU (Verified Customer)

    Excellent pollen, comme le “Ana” ! Qualité prix excellent et service fabuleux ! Top discrétion, rapide, et service top (réponds très vite à toutes les questions !) Merci encore pour votre super travail !

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  12. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Ce Super Pollen est facile a émietter, super à fumer et effet garanti.

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  13. Rasta_Noodles (Verified Customer)

    I have this one and Chapo. Both are great.
    Chapo is more “sticky”, actually super sticky. =). After you rub it between fingers it’s almost like honey and has a sweet, candy like flavor. In Vaporizer it tastes like Grapefruit to me.
    Zombie Kush is more earthy and kushy. Not so sticky honey but more like chocolate that crumbles between fingers, my favorite type o [email protected]
    Both [email protected] are strong, actually very strong. To me personally about double as strong as most weeds I get. So this is definitely nothing for beginners.
    In edibles I found both moderate, compared to some weeds.
    Recommend it to seasoned smokers, who want to give their joints/bongs/vapes some extra punch of thc.

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  14. Chefdoc (Verified Customer)

    Bon pollen qui s’effrite très bien. Livraison au top

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