Hvem vi er

DrWeed.Shop is an online store dedicated to the sale of high quality cannabis and related products.

Mål og idé

DrWeed.Shop aim is to sell recreational cannabis and related products to clients interested in acquire cannabis and related high quality products at reasonable prices without leaving the comfort of their homes. If you ever have any suggestions on how we can improve, please feel free to let us know!

Let’s get ugly

There is no easy way to put this, but buying and selling weed is still illegal in most countries, with that in mind we try to minimize the risk.

  • Buying weed online reduces the risk significantly to you.
  • By paying with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you will never have a credit card statement linking you to the transaction. (you can always deny that is your order).
  • You no longer have to deal with sketchy dealers and 2nd grade product (the time for street corner deals are over) .
  • Discreet Shipping in Padded Envelopes.
  • Benefit from the reviews from other clients (don’t take our word, we encourage you to read the reviews from our clients)

Our Numbers.

  • Delivery rate above 99%. (very rare for a order to get lost, stolen or seized by costumes)
  • 90%+ of returning clients.

Det er alltid et men!

På grunn av produkternes art og narkotikalovgivningen på vår plass er vi dessverre pålagt å holde operasjonen skjult, da det er noen tiltak som er iverksatt.

VPN, proxyer, servere og e -post

Vi holder ditt og vårt personvern trygt og sikkert. Offshore -servere, VPN, proxyer og anonyme e -poster som ikke holder logger og renser daglig, sikrer din totale sikkerhet.


Når det gjelder frakt tilbyr vi:
Gratis frakt - INGEN sporing (Alle bestillinger som standard) eller Frakt med sporing: (10.00).
All Gratis frakt bestillinger sendes i forhåndsbetalte polstrede konvolutter (NO Tracking).
All (Shipping With Tracking Number) Europe Union *Countries in Schengen Area only (10.00) ordrer sendes i polstrede konvolutter (MED sporingsnummer).
Unntatt USA (USA) - Vi vil ikke lenger sende produkter til USA (USA) på grunn av den nye nasjonale lovgivningen (STOPP Act) som gjør det umulig for oss å sende bestillingene anonymt.


To keep the payment anonymous we accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method, like Bitcoin, Cardano, Doge, Litecoin, Ethereum and others.
Other payment methods may be available for different countries, like Wire Transfers.

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