Can Medical Cannabis Help Treat Clinical Burnout?

Can Medical Cannabis Help Treat Clinical Burnout?

Beyond the 2.3 million cases of COVID-19 in the U.S and the more than 120,000 coronavirus deaths, as of mid-June, there exists an urgent medical situation. The treatment of medical personnel is an additional pandemic element, complicated by the rapid spread of the virus in the population.

Burnout has hit many professionals, but most of all, the medical communities from doctors and nurses to emergency medical technicians. Despite all of the pre-planning, there was little contingency planning for the sudden influx of new patients.

Understanding burnout
Patients are being treated during current pressing conditions by professionals who are having to work with masks and protective gear. Both patients and medical personnel have limited access to their families. And many medical professionals have become sick, too. That makes for a perfect storm for clinical burnout.

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