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Cannabis Food, Drinks to Be 2019’s Hottest Dining Trend, Top Chefs Say

Cannabis Food, Drinks to Be 2019’s Hottest Dining Trend, Top Chefs Say

Sprinkled on donuts, mixed into milkshakes or infused into olive oil, make no mistake: Cannabis is coming to a kitchen near you.

Chefs across the country say cannabis-infused food and drinks are the top two dining trends they expect to see unfold in 2019, although we’re not talking about food that will get you “high” – these are products made with “CBD,” a non-psychoactive compound extracted from cannabis plants that enthusiasts say offers health benefits while tempting the palate.

“I’m telling you, 75 percent of my clientele is doctors, nurses and lawyers,” said Josh Schwab, 45, whose Denver-area Glazed & Confuzed donut shop makes a CBD-frosted doughnut topped with a candied hemp leaf, selling upwards of 30 each weekend day. “You get all the relaxation without the head high. It kinda just takes the edge off.”

– Read the entire article at USA Today.

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