Every Recreational Cannabis Delivery Service, by State

Every Recreational Cannabis Delivery Service, by State

Now kick back, and wait for your greens to come to you.

Across all the tendrils of the cannabis industry to have taken root since legalization, delivery has had a harder time than most. Legislators’ fears around the risks of selling cannabis from a physical dispensary are compounded at the idea of 22-year-old budtenders driving weed to nice, family-filled neighborhoods all over the states, resulting in a shockingly small handful of states with legal delivery services. Of the 11 states (plus Washington, D.C.) in which adults can legally enjoy cannabis, you can only order it to be delivered in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Michigan. For now.

The boom in delivery services following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has not escaped the cannabis industry. Quarantine shopping has helped the industry pull through the last six weeks, allowing dispensaries in those states to cash in on the lucrative combination of a contagious outbreak, stay-at-home ordinances, and a collective anxiety attack.

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