Kritical Bilbo

Kritical Bilbo

I always wondered what Gandalf and Bilbo used to smoke together in the Shire. Well, now we know! Just joking. It’s really difficult for a Lord of the Rings fan to avoid references here so just bear with me. This award-winning hybrid strain, Kritical Bilbo,  originates from Bilbao, Spain with its Indica roots being heavily dominant in the stone produced. If you are planning a lazy evening sesh with good company, Netflix, and munchies, this might be a top-notch choice!

It seems that this strain grows best in an indoor set-up with a very attractive flowering period of just 7-9 weeks. The plants tend to grow to a medium size and can produce up to 400-450g/m² which isn’t a bad return on investment. You won’t notice many leaves on these plants which makes it easier to appreciate the dense and pretty flowers.

Critical Bilbo buds can get quite heavy and are often full of potent resin. The color is predominantly goblin green with light pinky purple hairs sprawled out sporadically. Flavour wise you might first experience an earthiness that follows through with a sweet cherry aftertaste. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sam Gangee smoked a lot of this…

This is a great strain for treating eating disorders. Critical Bilbo can help with nausea and provide an appetite to those suffering from a lack of nutrition. Its sedative properties can also provide relief for muscle spasms and stress. This naturally complements its ability to induce a blissful sleep.

If you consume too much, you might experience some anxiety so take it slow. It’s quite a powerful strain that can quickly feel overwhelming for novice tokers, therefore, consume responsibly and try not to be tempted by the one ring. Sauron gets into your head!

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