Nepalese Kush

General info

A truly special, delightful and delicious strain, Nepalese Kush is however, not recommended for the first time cannabis consumer, as it is a knockout even for the connoisseur. Yet she is a wonderfully worthwhile experience for the more seasoned cannabis consumer.

This flower is an incredibly delicious resinous flower. The atypical structure of Nepalese hash gives this flower its uniqueness. The resin coating the flower can be easily rubbed off with the fingertips, which is the traditional form of making Nepalese charas, a wonderful process in itself.

This plant originates from double hash plant giving you a delicious double whammy of hashish.

Like classic indicas, the buds are compact and dark, with a delicious and rich floral sweet lemon flavor. Fluffy flowers glisten with light crystals and the high is upbeat and creative with an energetic psychoactive kick. The high may induce sleep.

Grow info

You can expect the plants to grow bushy and tall with a luscious resinous content. Stems grow with alternating floral clusters.
Due to the bushy nature of this plant it does very well with the Screen of Green technique.




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7-9 weeks

10-12 weeks

12+ weeks

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250 – 400 g/m²

400 – 500 g/m²

500+ g/m²


The BD Scientific Analysis Report showed 9 THC (stimulates appetite neuroprotector, analgesic), CBD 0.29% (anti-convulsant, inhibits cancer cell growth), and CBN to be 0.43%.


The effects of this flower are considered to be powerful, yet as they are so relaxing it does not a concern. Rather than a cerebral high, the buzz of Nepalese Kush is more like the stoned high of hashish, deeply calming and soothing.
You can expect the effects to come on like thunder and fill your body with a deep relaxing calm.

This is a great bud for any eating disorders as it stimulates appetite and regulates and soothes the nerves. Pain is relieved with the potent flower and the wonderful sleep inducing high is perfect for anyone suffering from insomnia or any sort of sleep disorder such as waking in the middle of the night.

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muscle spasms

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