Seminar: Fair Chance Hiring for the Cannabis Industry

Seminar: Fair Chance Hiring for the Cannabis Industry

On July 16th, national legal nonprofit Root & Rebound (R&R) will host a training on Fair Chance Hiring for the cannabis industry, in partnership with CannaSafe and OpenNest Labs. The training will cover hiring policies that require all job applicants be given the opportunity to introduce themselves and their qualifications for a job before a prospective employer runs a background check and assesses a conviction. Through this training, cannabis companies will learn what Fair Chance Hiring means and looks like in practice; the benefits of employing people with records; and how to make this a reality at their companies.

It goes without saying that the way forward, in the grossly inequitable legal cannabis industry, is to begin making space at the table for those harmed by the War on Drugs (WOD). As Chopra explains, “There is no better way to start doing this than by learning from an organization with boots on the ground. R&R serves those impacted by the WOD who are re-entering society from prison on a daily basis. They understand the needs of these individuals and the challenges they face when it comes to a range of issues, including securing gainful employment.” Green will lead the workshop, where attendees can “expect to gain a much better understanding of these challenges and how they can proactively take steps to give these folks a fair shot at getting a job in the cannabis industry.”

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