Use Cannabis to Relieve Menopause Symptoms

CANNABIS CULTURE – Did you know estrogen and endocannabinoids are connected? 
Menopause  can be highly stressful for a woman due to the symptoms that come with it. The hot flashes, chills, mood changes, various sleep issues, including insomnia, night sweats, to name a few.
These symptoms are standard, and experienced by many. 
The signs of menopause are usually treated with hormone therapy, but the number of women interested in natural alternatives keeps increasing. In recent years, many women used cannabis for menopause to address some of their symptoms. Cannabis products are often used for this purpose because cannabis is a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy.
Every woman needs to be aware that cannabis does not treat all menopause symptoms, just some. In addition, women respond to cannabis during menopause in entirely different ways. For some women, cannabis oil for menopause symptoms will do the work. Some reported that with marijuana, night sweats went away. 
It is important to remember that what works for someone else does not mean it will work for you. Or, something that works for you may not work for others.
THC or CBD – What’s Better for Menopause Symptoms?
In recent years, the legal use of cannabis products has grown. Women who want to use cannabis for menopause symptoms are now wondering which option is better, THC or CBD. When it comes to CBD and THC comparison, it should be mentioned their molecular structure is the same. THC and CBD are chemically similar, but the psychoactive effects differ. There is a slight difference in how the atoms are arranged, and that’s why these two natural compounds found in cannabis have different effects on the body.
“When a woman finds herself in a high-stress moment, she may start to sweat and flash,” Dr. Melanie Bone told endocrineweb. “This is often ameliorated with cannabis. I find that higher-CBD products are best to reduce anxiety, but years of practicing have taught me that every patient is unique. Some women respond best to higher doses of THC to help mitigate anxiety. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.”
When it comes to CBD oil for menopause, there is no evidence that the oil will ease all of the menopause symptoms. However, it may help with sleep issues, mood changes, and bone density loss.
As every woman shows an entirely different set of symptoms, THC or CBD is an individual answer.
Who Should Be Careful Using Cannabis During Menopause?
Women with severe heart, lung, kidney, or liver diseases should be careful with cannabis during menopause. Also, be cautious if you have a personal or family history of psychosis, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or depression. Another vital thing to mention is that cannabis may interact with some drugs. Before taking cannabis for menopause, you should talk to a healthcare provider.
How Do You Start Taking Cannabis During Menopause?
When purchasing, you need to make sure that you are getting the cannabis products from a verified and certified seller. Another critical thing to consider is the origin of the product you consider buying. Cannabis products made in the United States tend to be more trustworthy, safer, and higher quality. On many CBD product websites, you can find information about third-party independent laboratory tests on the products. Also, do some research on how the cannabis is grown.When you finish your research and check in with your healthcare provider, start with small doses. It is important to see how your body responds to the product. You can increase the amount with time but always use small quantities in the beginning.
You will see there are many available cannabis products, brands, and strains. Be patient to see what works best for you. To do that, start with one product and see how it goes. If you don’t feel any change, try something else that may work.
You can find many brands on the market these days. If the product from one brand didn’t work, a product from another might. You can also try other strains. Remember – every woman is different, and every woman has an individual set of symptoms. You need to be flexible until you find the product that will fit your needs. It may take some time to figure it all out, but it will be worth it.
Research around cannabis and menopause is still being conducted. The North American Menopause Society survey indicates that the number of women using cannabis to treat the symptoms of menopause is constantly increasing. Using cannabis to manage menopause symptoms is most often used in women reporting hot flashes and night sweats. This did not differ by age, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or mental health conditions.
Additionally, not every woman views menopause in the same way. Some may see it as a medical issue, and others see it as a completely expected life change. Research shows that the question of how a woman considers menopause mainly depends on her socioeconomic status.
The belief in which the woman approaches menopause shapes how the woman feels about it. The women that view menopause as a health condition rate it as something negative. On the other hand, women who view it as a life transition and a completely normal and natural part of aging have a positive attitude towards menopause.
When menopause starts, the choice on how to treat your symptoms is not limited to hormone therapy any longer. There are other options as well, and one of them is using cannabis products. The effects of cannabis on menopause symptoms are still being studied. However, it is worth researching and checking in with your healthcare provider about the possible benefits and improved quality of life by managing menopause symptoms with cannabis. 
Lana Braslavskaia is a PR manager of AskGrowers. She has two passions in her life: making good brands recognizable and cannabis culture. On the AskGrowers team, she manages to combine these things.

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