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Yes, I am a Mother and Recreational Cannabis User

Yes, I am a Mother and Recreational Cannabis User

Why I guard my ‘Modern Mom Purse’ like security for the Kardashians.

Like most other mothers, my everyday “practical purse,” a Roots leather knapsack, is ultra-prepared for any situation that may arise as a mother of a seven-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter. I could probably make a meal, run a day care or dress another kid with all the crap in my purse.

Along with broken crayons, hand sanitizer, toy cars, highlighters, half-eaten power bars, and one kid’s sock, I also always carry a bottle of 2.5 mg cannabis capsules, ordered online from the government cannabis weed store. I like to think of carrying cannabis capsules — as well as a bottle of Advil — as the Modern Mom Purse.

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