Malad blandning 10 gram

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Sativa Okänd / Indica Okänd50%
THC Medium65%

6 € - G

För att göra dessa produkter separerar vi vanligtvis alla små knoppar och vi maler allt till en blandning (för närvarande använder vi alla knoppar från våra grödor och allt ogräs från leverantörer), kan användas för ätbara livsmedel eller rök.

Vi skickar diskret alla våra beställningar i luktsäkra dubbelvakuumförslutna förpackningar inuti ett Mail Padded Kuvert

27 reviews for Malad blandning 10 gram

  1. Anonym (Verifierad kund) -

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  2. Anonym (Verifierad kund) -

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  3. Maruku (Verified Customer)

    Perfect! All went fast and well. And the stuff is pretty good actually.

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  4. Rasta_Noodlez (Verified Customer)

    Mix: Terps are great in my opinion. I actually cure it for a couple of days then it becomes kinda lemon. *Yummys* It’s a good blaze, Bro! Good “broadband”-stone.

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  5. Adrián Hanic (Verified Customer)

    2nd order from the site, another and I’d even have to say better experience than the 1st order. Excellent team. Ordered on Sunday at night, by Friday morning I had it handed to me by the postman. Funny packaging, and yet it achieves to be invisible to the pigs. Great price for the quantity, but just like my first trial of this mix the product doesn’t match the picture. It’s much more finely ground. It probably helps it be vacuumed and thus compressed better but still. Otherwise thanks to the team peace be with yall.

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  6. FlyingBud (Verified Customer)

    Boa moca para quem quiser chillar deixa uma sensação relaxada, unica “reclamação” que tenho a apontar é que está um pouco muida de mais, vem com muito pó se fosse muida mais groço era melhor deichando assim ao criterio de quem quiser usar muer mais.

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  7. Adrián Hanic (Verified Customer)

    I’m honestly blown away that this even exists. Plus it’s backed up by an amazing service from the staff, if you have any requests or questions they’ll answer you as soon as possible. The delivery took around 2 weeks. Expected it to be shorter, but after opening the mail I was convinced it was worth the wait. A 10 gram ground weed mix packaged in a vacuum seal bag, resulting in very little smell. When you sniffed the vacuum bag, it definitely gave off a strong distinct weed smell, but it can’t be smelled from a far. That vacuum bag was then wrapped in several layers of clear duct tape, it was so well done that I actually struggled with getting it off. And additionally, this was put into another sealed gray baggie, so wow all I can say is this is done as discretely as possible, kudos to the team. The quality of the weed is great, at least for someone who only has access to mids and below in his area. I weighed it, and it was almost an exact 10g’s. The shop is legit, I gotta say I appreciate this service so much. I can only recommend both this product and anything else from this site, I plan on making a purchase again in the near future. Peace be with yall.

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  8. Annonymus (Verified Customer)

    Best service! I was so happy when I received the letter, I waited for it the whole week. Thanks to the team, very profi!

    (3) (1)
  9. Anonym (Verifierad kund) -

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  10. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Nice taste, nice price, perfect service as always!

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  11. Adrien B. (Verifierad kund) -

    Jag trodde inte riktigt på det...men inget nickel👌 nöjd med mitt köp, det hjälpte mig till ett rimligt pris.

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  12. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Seconde commande passée, et tout est super, la rapidité d’envoi, la qualité, la confiance… merci !!!

    (1) (1)
  13. Charmaine (Verifierad kund) -

    It took over 2 weeks delivery to Ireland but this included a bank holiday and delays with postal service. Very happy with the outcome, will order from here again, thank you 😀

    (2) (1)
  14. Anonym (Verifierad kund) -

    Det tog 15 dagar lite lång tid att komma fram, blandningen av ogräs är mycket bra och stark

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  15. Anonym (Verifierad kund) -

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  16. Anonym (Verifierad kund) -

    Det bästa för mig. Plus: ingen skog.

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  17. Anonym (Verifierad kund) -

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  18. Nuno S. (Verifierad kund) -

    Mycket välsmakande, jag rekommenderar

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  19. elson simoes (Verifierad kund) -

    Bra service och paket, god lukt. Det stora tillägget för slipad blandning: du röker allt, "ingen skog".

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  20. Nuno Santos (Verifierad kund) -

    mycket bra 🙂

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  21. Anonym (Verifierad kund) -

    Mycket bra valuta för pengarna, att rekommendera villkorslöst

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  22. Anonym (Verifierad kund) -

    Good stuff ans Quick delivery 6 days . I leave on France . Good work . Hope you keep doing this good thing.

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  23. hsfranco (Verifierad kund) -

    Bra service, respekt !!

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  24. Anonym (Verifierad kund) -

    Great service,secure package 📦 has arrived within days. And in the package the quality and the quantity spot on 😎

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  25. Filip D. (Verifierad kund) -

    Toooop sin allra bästa avverkning

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  26. Anonym (Verifierad kund) -

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  27. François (Verifierad kund) -

    Fick ett brev med okänd avsändaradress i Frankrike 6 dagar efter betalning. Innehållet finns i en sous-vide scotched plastpåse som luktar plast. När den öppnas, stor lukt. Det finns många blommor. Testade en lätt fog, det är fina grejer. Jag kommer att köpa igen nästa gång.

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